My Trip to Tennessee

Tennessee has never been on my list of places I had to see.  I heard of Nashville being a party town and that wasn’t really what I was looking for.  Although I can still play that role like a pro if need be.IMG_20171003_115133_634

I’m not sure where I got the idea I wanted to go there.  I heard people talk about it and decided to research what else was near Nashville.  I somehow came across a treehouse on Pinterest.

The Minister’s TreehouseIMG_20171008_083349_168IMG_20171008_083155_703 IMG_20171002_173002_590Sadly it is now closed.

I then found all these great waterfalls and hiking trails I wanted to see.

Lost Creek FallsIMG_20171002_200320_183



Burgess FallsIMG_20171011_002855_605

I found an amazing Airbnb bungalow that had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It had the capacity to sleep 7. There were 3 of us so we all had our own rooms and plenty of bathroom space! It also had a great front porch! IMG_20171003_114409_826IMG_20171001_185253_868

In total with cleaning fees etc it was about $230 for 2 nights.  The house also had some instruments so we attempted to start a band.IMG_20171001_202252_983

The night continued and my missing musical skills continued in a Uber that had karaoke.  How awesome is that after some pregame cocktails?20171008_092020

For our first night out I had to play the mom roll and gave us a curfew.  You don’t want to go waterfall and treehouse chasing hung over. Believe me feeling like garbage kills the adventure vibe. Been there, done that.

For food our best meal was Merchants. A little pricey but definitely delicious. Ahi tuna salad and mac and Cheese.  Dozens for breakfast was really good.  The house egg sandwich is $7 and delicious.  The cookies and chocolate croissant also amazing.  Hattie’s B’s is pretty popular and you get a chicken sandwich with slaw, comeback sauce, kosher pickle on it and a side for $9.  Bartaco I thought was delicious from the margaritas, fresh off the cob corn, baja tacos. Sun Diner is a 24-hour diner that is way better than you imagine a diner to be. I got the “Feeling Good” Breakfast Burger. At 3 am the wait felt like forever but it was definitely worth the wait.

Sun Diner “Feeling Good” Breakfast BurgerIMG_20171011_124131_796.jpg


Our last night I was exhausted but headed out with my crew anyway.  A beer or a glass of wine wasn’t going to cut it tonight.  I figured I’d sip on some JD neat in honor of being in Tennessee.IMG_20171003_085144_343


Our last day we did some very touristy stuff like The Grand Ole Opry and The Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center.  Personally I would have liked chasing some more waterfalls but it was a late night and it would have been a rough drive. Still interesting to see the buildings and history.

Grand Ole Opry IMG_20171003_154229_750

Gaylord Hotel and Convention CenterIMG_20171011_011549_950

For 2 1/2 days I think we definitely saw Nashville and then some.  Looking to travel to Nashville? Feel free to ask any questions, share, or comment on this!


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