Amazing Bali ❤

Bali is one of my top 3 favorite destinations thus far. I really didn’t even get to see half the things I wanted to in Bali. I was there for four nights.  I am grateful I even got to go considering all flights were cancelled and all travelers were recommended to reschedule their trip days before we arrived.  I don’t really like listening to anyone else’s opinions. The volcano could possibly erupt. Our hotel was nowhere near the volcano.  That didn’t really scare me. Getting stuck in Bali because of volcanic ash didn’t deter me.  I am not most people though.

Bali is by far one of the most inexpensive places I have ever been.  I highly recommend staying in Ubud not Kuta. If you want to party like a rock star and are under the age of 30 then Kuta might be for you. The beach at Kuta is absolutely disgusting.  Also the hagglers are relentless.

You can get an Air Bnb in Ubud that’s way nicer for $34 a night. It includes a fresh and delicious breakfast on your terrace. You can also get away from all the noise. Wow, when did I become 80?

IMG_20171209_073146_746Our room at the hotel near Kuta was about $25 a night and had a working air conditioner and hot shower. The rooftop pool above was definitely the best part.

Below are some pictures of the Air Bnb we stayed in while in Ubud:IMG_20171203_093123_178IMG_20180110_133700_202IMG_20171204_104628_020IMG_20180108_190535_483

I would highly recommend doing the Bali Swing. There are a lot of great photo opportunities there.  IMG_20171203_060453_496


One of my favorite things about Bali were the waterfalls.  There are plenty of them. I didn’t have a lot of time so we did the Bali Swing and waterfalls in one day.  We did see two and they were amazing. They are also great photo opportunities.

Kanto Lampo WaterfallIMG_20180108_190623_807

Tegenungan WaterfallIMG_20171202_232338_273

The temple where the “Gateway To Heaven” is was a must for me.  Unfortunately the weather was horrible for picture-taking the day we went.  We were lucky anyone would even take us there with the smoking volcano. Do not follow the signs to Pura Lempuyang . It will take you to a dead-end! Also you will end up off roading.  We almost fell off the road a few times.

You’re supposed to have your shoulders covered and rent a sarong from them.  Although I see pictures with people who clearly didn’t follow that rule. If you get there really early or really late you can do this because no-one will be there is what one of the photographers I messaged told me.


IMG_20171201_225503_530There are plenty of restaurants that serve pizza and American style food.  We did stop to get food at the Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort. It has a really great view.  It is located along the side of a cliff looking over the ocean.  IMG_20171204_180409_250

One of the best parts of the trip was the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest. IMG_20171219_113706_941My sister wanted to leave within 3 minutes of us being there.  She was petrified. You read this sign about them jumping on you and not to touch them or look them in the eye or they might bite you! 🤤🐒

I’m glad we stayed because it ended up being one of the funniest parts of the trip. If you are going to Bali and have questions feel free to to comment below.  For more travel photos and tips you can follow me at travelwithbrianaderry on Instagram!

If you know anyone who is traveling to Bali and needs more information feel free to send this link or share to them!

Feel free to comment, like, or share. ⤵️

2 thoughts on “Amazing Bali ❤

  1. Thanks for this hun. I’m going in a weeks time with hubby and two little ones (3 year old and 1 year old). Wondering if the monkey forest is safe to take the kids to?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be honest I don’t have children but I would be nervous if the monkeys came up to my children. Only because I am not sure what the children would do. There is a sign that has a list of things not to do to the monkeys. One that stood out was looking them in the eye. I would look up Ubud Monkey Forest and maybe email them. Hope you have an awesome time! It was awesome!


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