Why would you go to Croatia?

Why would you go to Croatia?  Aren’t you scared?  Those were some of the questions I was asked when I booked my trip to Croatia. Croatia is an amazing country and I wasn’t scared.  After traveling to Croatia that question seems extra silly.  Croatia is now part of the European Union.  It still uses its own currency called Kuna, not Euros.

Croatia has so many things to see and do. During my 6 night stay in Zadar I only touched the surface of what there is to see and do in Croatia.  I picked Zadar for a few reasons.  The first reason was it was the least expensive airport to fly into from Providence, RI.  The second reason was it was it was close to two of the national parks I wanted to visit.

The first park that we visited was Krka National Park.  It was my favorite day of the trip.  The ride was within an hour from our AirBnb in Zadar.  The park was was also simple to navigate through.  You take a bus from the ticket counter to the walkway of waterfalls!  You can actually swim in this park with one of the beautiful waterfall views!

Krka National Park
Krka National Park
Krka National Park

The second park we went to Plitvice Lakes National Park.  Most of the blogs I’ve read say they would pick this park over Krka.  I personally would pick Krka.  Plitvice is gigantic.  It is beautiful. I like hiking to an extent.  I’m mainly here for the pictures. I’m here for views that I can’t see when I’m home.  The water is crystal clear at Plitvice.  Plitvice Lakes is also confusing to navigate.  There are multiple entrances.  Also if you are driving be careful what you put in GPS.  It lead us to a sign that is like 40 min from the actual entrances to see the main attractions.  If you are highly into hiking then Plitvice Lakes is definitely for you.  It would definitely take multiple all day hikes to see majority of the park.

Plitvice Lakes

We checked out Ninska Laguana Beach which was about 30 minutes from Zadar.

Ninska Laguna Beach

We also checked out the area in Zadar where the famous Sea Organ is.20180922_192822-01

The food in Croatia was delicious. We went off of Google Maps and Facebook to pick where we ate and it worked out well.  I read the reviews. We tried the restaurant if it sounded good and we liked the menu. The pizza, pasta, sea bass, and risotto were some of our favorites.

Restaurant Bruschetta in Zadar 
Dinner at 4 Kuntuna in Zadar 
Breakfast at Caffe Castle Sunce


Sea Bass at DVOR in Split

Our first 4 nights we stayed in a very inexpensive Airbnb in Zadar listed as Villa Plat. We knew we were not going to spend very much time in our room because we would be visiting the national parks. Four nights with all fees $351 for two people. Pool towels are not included. They are $1 each to use and I thought that was weird but whatever.  Breakfast was included. Plan on getting there at 8am or you won’t have much to choose from.

Villa Plat

Our last two nights we stayed on the water at Villa Triana.  Which was about $190 for Saturday and Sunday night.

Villa Triana
Villa Triana 

We took the scenic route from Zadar to Split and came across a beautiful view of the city Sibenik, Zagrebacka.  Something like that. 🤔20180921_155903-01-01

Split was a beautiful city you should definitely check out.

Diocletian’s Palace 
Split Promenade 

The weather in Croatia was perfect.  We went at the very end of September and the average temperature was 76°-78° farenheit (23°-25° celsius).  I highly recommend Croatia for your next destination!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions and want to travel to Croatia!

Also feel free to share!

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