Boca Rotan, Florida Seasons 52 Happy Hour 🍀🍹🍷🍴

Grade A 94%

I tried Seasons 3-6:30pm Mon-Fri Happy hour. It was a great experience if you are in the Boca area you should definitely check out!

Cucumber Basil Smash

The Cucumber Basil Smash is refreshing and has a great flavor.Β  Only $7 during Happy Hour.Β  I came to try the Seared Handling Ahi Tuna but unfortunately they were out.Β  I instead ordered the Shrimp Avocado Cocktail which was good comes with 3 grilled shrimp but had cilantro in the dip which I am not a fan of for $5.Β  I also had the Happy Hour Sea Scallops which were also cooked to perfection comes with 2 to order for $5.Β  The Lobster Flatbread was delicious.Β  You can get a flatbread and wine for $12.Β  The Lobster Flatbread is an extra $5.

Lobster Flatbread

The stuffed crab mushrooms are HOT.Β  Like burn your mouth hot.Β  I made the mistake of eating one right away and debated spitting it out on the plate looking like a train wreck of a guest.Β  I held it together and let it burn the inside of my mouth.Β  I suggest scooping out the mushroom and letting it cool before eating. They were not my favorite stuffed mushrooms of all time but definitely not bad.Β  They were not on happy hour menu.

Stuffed Crab Mushrooms

Service was great! CJ was the bartender and very attentive and helpful. I would definitely come back! There is also outdoor seating looking over a small pond.




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